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Pinto - Ember


First spotted hunting through flea markets in Paris, these shades originate from the 40's and were made in France. The shape of the classic frames was called ‘Crown Panto’, the name ‘Pinto’ however came from someone at Oscar Deen misreading that. The modernisation of this classic by Oscar Deen involved slightly raising the keyhole bridge and lowering the frame that mirrors the angled brow as well as producing the frame in high-quality Italian Mazzucchelli acetate.

Oscar Deen is the brainchild of two London-based entrepreneurs; Oscar Phillips and Sheriff-Deen Showobi. After a chance meeting with a sunglass’s collector, the pair found the passion to create a truly unique eyewear brand. Today, Oscar and Sheriff-Deen travel the markets, alleys, and antique stores of Europe, finding the vintage gems that inspire their collection, and meeting the people who inspire their ethic. It’s this mix of old-style and new thinking, that they bring back to their workshop and put into each pair of Oscar Deen sunglasses.

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DESIGN ORIGINThe flea markets of Paris
INSPIRATIONFrench 40s Crown Panto
CONSTRUCTIONItalian Mazzucchelli acetate
LENSESCR-39 UV coated plastic
WIDTH140.4 mm

All sunglasses designs are sourced while exploring markets and shops throughout Europe. Once sourced, Oscar Deen upgrade and modernise the designs in their workshop in London, England using high-quality materials such as Italian Mazzucchelli acetate


All shipment options for Oscar Deen are tracked and registered. Shipping is free world wide. Items are shipped from their workshop in London. Upon shipping of your sunglasses, tracking information will be provided to Debonair and placed on your personal order page.


Depending on your country of residence, you may be requested to pay import duties by your country’s custom authorities. These fees are the receiver’s responsibility and are not included by either Debonair or Oscar Deen.


All Oscar Deen watches are covered with a lifetime unlimited warranty for damage. The warranty is only valid if you supply a clear picture of the damage . Debonair will then work with Oscar Deen to get a new pair of sunglasses dispatched to you free of charge.

To discuss warranty issues, please contact Debonair at customercare@debonair.style

If you are looking to keep your sunglasses in good quality, please ensure you keep them in the supplied case whenever you can when not using them.

Sunglasses are prone to smudges and grime — they pick up oils from our skin and fingers, specks of dirt and grime from the great outdoors, the residue of makeup, and a film of salt or chlorine from the ocean or pool.

Start with clean, dry hands. Rinse your glasses under warm water, and soap up your fingers with a few drops of mild dish washing soap, without harsh detergents or moisturizers.

Rub the soapy water gently on the lenses, and rinse off. Then dry them with a microfiber cloth. You can also rub the nose pad and frames.

Be sure to avoid any type of paper product. All paper contains wood fibers, and they can scratch the lenses. Kleenex and other tissues often contain moisturizers that leave a film.

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