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Crew Bracelet


The luxe wrap-around layering with captivating, classic style reflects the true essence of Crew, the twisted rope bracelet from Ashley & Melissas Anchored Collection. This light ash grey, smooth rope with stainless steel hook closure is the epitome of class. Cruise around crystal clear waters, with this nautical-inspired accessory that steals the show.

The bracelet is made of light grey twisted silk rope with a stainless steel hook closure. The clasps are made of top-quality stainless steel and are rust and stain-resistant.

All items are specially handcrafted and come packaged in a protective black suede pouch.

Ashley & Melissa have created a handcrafted jewellery line for the modern gentleman that is the ultimate marriage of luxury, elegance, durability, and quality, with an added touch of Southern charm. Today, all their pieces are created by their small production team in Dallas, using sustainable leathers, stones, and metals, most of which are sourced in the United States.

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