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Coin Wallet - Black


Kingsley Walter’s handmade coin wallet in natural bridle leather. Hand cut and bevelled by Kingsley himself; it is designed to weather naturally and protect your cards and cash while standing the test of time. A sleek, easy to carry cardholder that is not only functional but also fashionable.

Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, Kingsley Walters is one of the finest leather workers in London. Originally a tailor specializing in denim, Kingsley became interested in leathercraft, which eventually grew into a deep-rooted passion. As time went on, he became more intrigued by expanding his craft using traditional methods.

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All Kingsley Walters products are created by hand in his small workshop in east London, United Kingdom. Kingsley exclusively sources his own oak-bark vegetable tanned leather from J&FJ Baker Tannery.

MATERIALSPremium Vegetable Tanned Leather
High-quality thread
FEATURESGreat for coins and keys
Slim Design
FINISHBlack Leather (Tan)
Made by hand in Shorditch, London.

Kingsley Walters ships free of charge worldwide using a tracked service. Kingsley Walters does have a express shipping option. All products are shipped from the United Kingdom.


Depending on your country of residence, you may be requested to pay import duties by your country’s custom authorities. These fees are the receiver’s responsibility and are not included by either Debonair or Kingsley Walters.


Kingsley Walters products are bespoke and made to order. Sadly, due to this, returns are not possible. Should you however have comments regarding the quality of the goods received, please email us with thoughts and pictures at

With proper care, vegetable tanned leather can last many decades, and will only become more valuable and unique with time. Most vegetable tanned leather does not come pre-treated with oils and waxes, so the fibers will react to water by stiffening and shrinking. Therefore, you should keep it away from water for at least the first month or so of use, to allow the leather fibers time to soften and absorb oils to increase its natural water resistance.

Additionally, vegetable tanned leather is sensitive to high heat and can crack if heated to extreme temperatures. Make sure to not use a blow dryer or heat gun on the leather, and do not store your accessory in an excessively hot area.

We recommend that you apply a small amount leather balm to your accessory every few months or so - rub it in with a soft lint-free cloth and your fingers. A little goes a long way, and you can work it into the leather with soft circles. This will nourish the leather and restore its luster, as well as replace essential oils and waxes to keep it flexible and resilient.

We also recommend a full cleaning of the leather once a year, using a leather oil & cleaner kit to remove any accumulated dirt, deeply refresh it and fully restore the leather to its natural beauty.

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