Brands A-Z


Cork Goods

We are a Stockholm-based brand with a love for functional minimalist design. We make everyday essentials – the things you touch and hold the most (lovers aside) – in natural cork.

Ashley & Melissa


Ashley & Melissa have created a handcrafted jewellery line for the modern gentleman that is the ultimate marriage of luxury, elegance, durability and quality, with an added touch of Southern charm.



The Awling design approach blends traditional English leather goods materials and techniques with simple functionality and a modern aesthetic.

Kingsley Walters

Leather Goods

Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, Kingsley Walters is one of the finest leather workers in London. Originally a tailor specializing in denim, Kingsley became interested in leathercraft, which eventually grew into a deep-rooted passion.

LEFF amsterdam


After making their debut in the design industry by creating a series of iconic interior timepieces, LEFF amsterdam teamed up with Dutch Designer Piet Hein Eek to create refined, classy yet tough watches.


Ties & Pocketsquares

Pernabò is a family business dedicated to producing the finest Neapolitan ties.
Their silks come from the best Italian manufacturers and its creations are made exclusively by hand in the same way as they were produced eighty years ago.



SIMPL is a Bangkok-based watch manufacturer that is swiftly gaining international recognition for its innovative minimalist timepieces.

Swole Panda

Bamboo Goods

Swole Panda is pioneering a sustainable future by using bamboo for their socks and sunglasses.