Kingsley Walters is the first brand that Debonair is presenting to the public. With many more equally exciting brands on the way, we wanted to explain more about this Jamaican leatherworker and what makes his products truly unique.

Kingsley originally trained as a tailor specialising in denim. It was while working for Levi Strauss that a friend interested him in traditional leatherwork, and this eventually grew into a deep-rooted passion. Attracted by all the possibilities for craftsmanship, Kingsley gradually began to produce his own leather items.

Today, his workwear-inspired accessories are among the highest quality leather products on the market. Each item is hand-cut and stitched with his own beeswax-coated thread in his workshop in East London.  There is no machinery involved in production, and all the leather is vegetable-dyed, traceable to source, and purchased in England.

Employing age-old, traditional methods to produce high-quality products gives Kingsley immense satisfaction:



Kingsley wants people to appreciate his products for the time and thought that goes into them. These items are not just made to be used, but also to last. Once have acquired one of his leather accessories, the story of your ownership begins. It is you who will impart its final patina through use, wear, and the passage of time.