Keep it SIMPL

London, 8 June 2020 – SIMPL is a Bangkok-based watch manufacturer founded by Alisa Kittipong and Tanachpak Warnnissorn that is swiftly gaining international recognition for its innovative minimalist timepieces.

SIMPL ‘s watches take a fresh look at what you wear on your wrist.

“We decided to start producing a semi-handmade watch based on our love of minimalist design and watches.  Our aim is to be the first Thai-made watch brand that is accepted globally, not only in Thailand. Another important goal is to re-design the experience of how time is read.” 

Alisa Kittipong, co-founder, SIMPL   

With its #One collection, featuring a single hand that tells both the hour and minute, SIMPL hearkens back to the one-handed timepieces of the sixteenth century.

SIMPL’s #Reverse collection reverses your perception of time entirely. It has no hands at all. Instead, it’s the dial that rotates. You read off the hour and minute from a marker on the case.

And if you find all that a tad too challenging, there is SIMPL’s best-selling #Timeless collection. This features the familiar hands for hour and minute, plus a sweep second hand. Yet in line with SIMPL’s devotion to minimalism, there are no numbers on the dial, just minute and quarter-hour markers. Who needs more than that?

SIMPL is not just devoted to minimalism but also to quality. Straps are either classic NATO or fashioned from Italian leather. The movements are Swiss Ronda & Japanese Miyota.

Debonair is delighted to add SIMPL to its growing stable of brands and it's products will be available online from Friday, 12 June.