Debonair partners with the U.S. based Ashley & Melissa

Friday, 10 January 2020 - Debonair has reached an agreement with Dallas-based jewellery manufacturer Ashley & Melissa to sell their luxury men’s bracelets on Debonair when it launches this year.  Debonair will feature a large range of Ashley & Melissa’s high-quality bracelets in various leathers, metals and stones, which are perfect for both formal and casual wear.  

Self-taught, Ashley & Melissa sold their first collection of men and women’s jewellery at local pop-ups, art shows and bookstores.  As they started to gain success, it became clear to the pair that there was a considerable gap in the market for men’s jewellery - particularly pieces that were casual enough for everyday wear. They decided to focus on this speciality, with the ambition of creating high-end men’s jewellery that is subtle yet sleek, and makes a bold statement.

Ashley & Melissa have succeeded in creating an artisan-crafted jewellery line for the modern gentleman that is the ideal marriage of luxury, elegance, durability and quality, with an added touch of Southern charm. All pieces are created by their small production team in Dallas, Texas, using sustainable materials, most of which are sourced in the United States.

“ We’re really looking forward to working with these inspired and talented sisters and helping them spread their passion and products across the globe.  ”
- Owen Wray, (Co-Founder, Debonair)