Debonair Introduces Ties & Pocketsquares

Debonair is proud to announce a new, exclusive partnership with the family-run Neapolitan fashion house Pernabò. In collaboration with Debonair, Pernabò will be creating a range of ties and pocket squares to be launched exclusively on Debonair in October. This collection will feature a blend of new and traditional Italian designs.

Founded in 1939 by Giuseppe Esposito as Esposito Cravatte, Pernabò is one of Italy’s most traditional tailoring houses, specialising in high-quality silk ties and pocket squares. Each tie and square is handmade by dedicated craftspeople who have been working in silk for generations. The silk itself is sourced from some of the best factories in Italy.  

Today, Esposito Cravatte is still a family business that has been producing the best Neapolitan neckties for 80 years. I decided to turn it into an international brand, which is how Pernabò was born. The Pernabò brand represents 80 years of passion and dedication to the Neapolitan tailoring tradition. These are values that we pass on to our customers every day.”

Giuseppe Esposito

When you purchase a Pernabò tie or pocket square, you are buying a piece of Italian history and craftsmanship. Tailored with quality and durability in mind, Pernabò’s products are timeless, and will be an essential part of your wardrobe for life.