Debonair introduces Stockholm-based 15:21

Debonair has struck an agreement with men’s accessory fashion brand 15:21 to sell their sustainably made cork accessories on Debonair when the platform launches by the end of the year. The young and upcoming brand has been turning heads since its launch with their unwavering dedication to saving the planet and making sure their entire production line is completely eco-friendly.

15:21’s cork is 100% natural, recyclable and biodegradable. The cork is sourced from Portuguese oak trees that are never cut down or harmed in the production process. Rather, more trees are planted, and the cork forests are nourished by the increased production. A harvested oak is - by law - left for nine years to regrow its bark. During this time, the tree absorbs up to five times more CO2. In addition to this, cork forests support great biodiversity. In fact, they are second only to the vast rain forests in the Amazon.

15:21’s founder Fredrik came up with the idea for the company while on the way to work.

Arriving at the train station at 15:21, I was a few seconds late but just in time to watch my train to work close its doors and slowly roll away. Instead of feeling frustrated, I had a moment of lucidity where I came to realize how my life was built around routines and my soulless work. I began to pick up on an old project and started sketching new ideas.

Fredrik, Founder.

Debonair will be launching a carefully curated line of mobile phone covers from several manufacturers including high-quality cork cases by 15:21.  This is in line with Debonair’s mission to give customers as many accessories options as possible.

As with all the other accessories Debonair will be selling on the website, our phone covers will be sourced with quality, sustainability and dedication of service in mind.